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Why is a $0.47 pod more profitable than a $5.12 pod?

In China, there are only products you can’t think of, not products you can’t make. You may think that this sentence is exaggerated, but the facts are in front of you. Shenzhen Baoan, China, is known as the Silicon Valley of e-cigarettes in the world. It has witnessed the birth and development of e-cigarettes. The mature supply chain environment has nourished its growth. At the same time, it has also incubated many well-known brands around the world. Attracted a lot of talents. The right time and place and the conditions make it possible for it to live endlessly.

success. They speculate and seek huge profits through low prices. They also cater to many partners who hope to obtain high returns through lower prices. However, it is the consumers behind it that are injured. For partners who often compare prices, it is often difficult for us to distinguish. How to improve the recognition knowledge of customers and consumers of products has become one of our missions. Maybe they will say you are defending your own interests

But the fact is that obtaining reasonable profits is not only the purpose of businessmen’s business but also the cornerstone of social prosperity.

Today msmsplus uses a form to decrypt for you, why is a $0.47 pod more profitable than a $5.12 pod

Pod structure diagram

After reading this form, do you understand the reason? If you still don’t understand, you are welcome to come to me to communicate, and I am willing to share any knowledge about e-cigarettes with you.

Electronic cigarette wholesale and manufacturing, I choose the maishou.

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