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Interpretation of e-cigarette opinion solicitation draft in 2022

Following the supervision of e-cigarettes by the China Tobacco Administration, drafts concerning the raw material standards and production standards of e-cigarettes have been gradually released.

The entire draft of the solicitation of opinions is centered on the design of e-cigarettes, raw material standards, technical requirements, test environment, and test indicators.

After reading a series of e-cigarette comments solicitation drafts, to allow readers to quickly understand the key points that brand owners and importers need to pay attention to in this comment draft, I made the following summary:

1. E-cigarettes must have three preventions and one protection

  • Anti-filling

E-cigarette sets and cartridges that use e-cigarette liquid should have a closed structure to prevent artificial filling.

  • Anti-leakage

E-cigarettes and cartridges that use e-cigarette liquid should have good airtightness and not leak.

  • Waterproof

Should meet the IPX4 protection level requirements in Chapter 6 of GB/T 4208-2017

  • Start protection

E-cigarettes should have the function of preventing children from starting and the protective function of preventing accidental starting.

2. Atomization

The concentration of nicotine in the spray should not be higher than 20 mg/g, and the total amount of nicotine should not be higher than 200 mg. (Equivalent to the e-liquid capacity not exceeding 10ml/stick)

The entire opinion draft is 36 pages long and 28374 characters long. If you explain one by one, I am afraid that the reader will be boring, because most are professional test indicators and standard document guidance. Suppose you are concerned about the quality of product production. In that case, the quickest way is to find a license that meets the China Tobacco Administration’s support for e-cigarette manufacturers or obtain the authorization of a licensed company.

Because these companies have undergone strict audits, and all production indicators are implemented with the highest quality standards.

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