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Study Indicated The Effectiveness of E-Cig Use For Smoking Cessation

In line with findings from countless other studies, a recent study published in Addiction, has indicated that when used daily, e-cigarettes tend to facilitate abstinence from smoking. 

“Compared with using no help, the odds of abstinence were increased by daily use of disposable/cartridge e-cigarettes and daily use of refill/modular.”

Stating the contrary to the above, a recent study by South African researchers said that data indicated the majority of e-cigarette users continued to smoke and that only a few of them managed to remain abstinent. Yet this research has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

“While the tobacco and e-cigarette industry likes to position e-cigarettes as cessation aids, the limited effectiveness of these products for long-term quitting, the health harms associated with usage, and the industry’s clear and targeted marketing to youth are facts which are conveniently omitted from their narrative,” said Ayo-Yusuf.

Meanwhile, scientific data from across the globe keep indicating the opposite. Moreover, contrary to the allegations made by Ayo-Yusuf, the majority of these are conducted by public health bodies that are independent of the vape industry, and even more so, the tobacco industry.

ECs found to facilitate abstinence from smoking

The study titled, “The effectiveness of using e‐cigarettes for quitting smoking compared to other cessation methods among adults in the United Kingdom,” is perhaps the most recent example of an independent peer-reviewed study.

The researchers analyzed data from 1155 respondents aged between 18 and 81, from a longitudinal online survey collected between 2012 and 2017. “Compared with using no help, the odds of abstinence were increased by daily use of disposable/cartridge e-cigarettes (ECs) and daily use of refill/modular. Odds were reduced by non‐daily use of disposable/cartridge, and by use of disposable/cartridge ECs to quit and no longer using at follow‐up. Secondary Results were similar to the primary outcome; however, odds of abstinence were also increased by the use of smoking cessation medication,” reported the paper.

“When used daily, electronic cigarettes appear to facilitate abstinence from smoking when compared with using no help,” concluded the researchers.

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