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How many puffs are equal to 1 ml of smoke oil

There are different opinions on how many puffs 1ml = how many puffs are in the market. Still, there is no standard formula and answer. There will be distinct differences between the factory suction test and the actual use in life. Of course, few people count how many puffs they draw. As a person who has worked in the e-cigarette industry for many years, I am very qualified to share this topic.

Under normal circumstances, 1ml of e-liquid is equal to about 200 puffs. But the specific definition should be based on the personal smoking habits and the configuration of the e-cigarette itself. Let us briefly understand how they give different answers through configuration.

Mouth suction vs. lung suction

  • Mouth suction

Mouth inhalation is gravity inhaling in the mouth, and electronic cigarettes rely on the power of inhalation. Only a few e-cigarettes pass through the lungs. It’s like sucking juice and filling your mouth. The way to smoke a 1ml e-cigarette is about 200.

  • lung suction

Lung suction is that the gravity lies in the lungs. This habit is usually formed by long-term sucking big smoking such as Joyetech, eleaf, wismec, vaporesso, Smok, Geek Bar, and voopoo. There is the amount of aerosol that the lung capacity feels pumped. The lung smoking method for 1 ml of e-liquid is about 150 puffs for this type of smoking.

Big Smoking (kits)
Small Smoking

Heating wire resistance VS suction resistance

  • Heating wire resistance

The resistance of the heating wire is a factor that affects the amount of smoke. Under the same conditions, the smaller the resistance, the greater the amount of smoke. The resistance value of disposable electronic cigarettes is usually 1.4-1.8Ω for 300-1000puffs and 1.0-1.4Ω for 2000-3000puffs and above. Professionally speaking, determine the heating wire’s resistance according to the style of the product itself, the capacity of the e-liquid, and the battery configuration. There is no standard answer.

  • Suction resistance

The suction resistance affects the feeling of suction differently. Under the same conditions, the larger the air inlet, the smaller the suction resistance, the greater the smoke and the empty suction experience. The smaller the air inlet, the greater the suction resistance, the smaller the amount of smoke, and the tighter the suction feeling. Professionally speaking, there is no standard answer to the size of the suction resistance of disposable electronic cigarettes. It depends on the product configuration and overall experience. Still, the suction resistance should be moderately controlled, and the adjustment of the suction resistance is mainly based on the size of the air inlet.

Schematic diagram of air inlet

Thank you for knowing here. If you have any thoughts on the above insights, please leave a message or email me. I am thrilled to receive your news.

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