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How to import e-cigarettes from China and how to transport e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are one of China’s rare “special products” in the world. Since the first e-cigarettes were launched in Shenzhen about 20 years ago, e-cigarettes have become an important substitute for smokers-smokers still want to take a puff from time to time.

To this day, e-cigarettes are still a highly controversial topic, and laws and regulations in the United States and certain countries are still being drafted and revised. Some countries are banning it, and some countries do welcome it, such as the United Kingdom, which regards it as a good helper for people to quit smoking. If people get permission from a doctor, they can even use medical insurance to reimburse e-cigarettes. All this is crazy.

Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers in China

If you are looking for e-cigarette products, there is currently only one place in the world where it is produced, which is Guangdong Province, China. Roughly 90% of the Electronic cigarette manufacturers listed on are based here. Of these, the majority is based in Shenzhen, But there are also quite a few suppliers located in Dongguan, Huizhou, and Zhongshan – all of which are also based in Guangdong province.

The industry jump-started in 2009 and 2010 – when hundreds of new suppliers started manufacturing and trading (that’s two different things) electronic cigarettes. This was before most western governments had yet reacted to the influx of this, still controversial, product.

If you are importing e-cigarettes for the first time, then you need to know the following information.

What is an e-cigarette, e-cigarette product classification?

In fact, there are still many people who confuse the concept of e-cigarettes. There are even many media. They have no spirit of truth-seeking at all. They blindly follow the trend and copy the news content. As a result, the voice of public opinion is like bad money driving good.  it brings a big cognitive bias to people who are new to e-cigarettes. Oh, man, please understand carefully so as not to become the next ignorant.

In fact, e-cigarettes can be divided into 2 types according to the amount of smoke:

  • big smoke
  • small smoke

the big smoke is the abbreviation of high-volume e-cigarette. The playability and coolness of big smoke have made it have many fans. Small smoke is the abbreviation of small smoke electronic cigarette. Although small smoke cannot achieve the amount of smoke of big smoke, with the advancement of technology, the amount of smoke of small smoke now has a very big improvement compared with the previous one.

What is a big cigarette e-cigarette?

  • PIPE MOD mechanical pipe, eGo MOD adjustable pressure, and non-adjustable straight rod, BOX MOD temperature control box, MECH MOD mechanical rod, these all belong to the big smoke.

What is a small cigarette e-cigarette?

  • HNB, which releases smoke by heating new tobacco
  • POD MOD with nicotine content, one-time, closed-type bomb change, open-type refueling
  • Pen or Pod with CBD content, a disposable atomizer, and refill type specially used for pumping CBD/THC.

You may have seen some news reports that a certain minor was psychedelic after smoking e-cigarettes, and then a bunch of people stood up and called for the ban on e-cigarettes. Please compare the classifications here. We need to be sure that, first of all, it is not allowed to buy e-cigarettes under the age of 21, and secondly, not all e-cigarettes are hallucinogenic. Third, please follow the local e-cigarette policies to purchase from formal channels. Finally, please choose a regular e-cigarette supplier.

What knowledge do you need to know about e-cigarette transportation

For transportation, e-cigarettes are sensitive items because they contain batteries and e-liquid. They can only be sent from the mainland to Hong Kong for transit. Because e-cigarettes contain batteries, Under the product, there is a certain risk to transportation. Hong Kong’s logistics policy is looser, and experienced freight forwarders can handle these things all at once. Of course, some countries may need to go through grey customs clearance before the goods can be delivered to you.

Can e-cigarettes be sent with e-liquid?

The answer is definitely yes. All four major express delivery in the world can be transported. Of course, the premise is that there is a “drug license” issued by Hong Kong. All charged and oily products belong to the ninth category of dangerous goods in the customs category.

Customs export code of electronic cigarettes: 2403990090

Customs export tax number of electronic cigarette oil: 38249999

How long is the time limit for domestic transportation to foreign countries?

If you take a small package, the time is longer, usually about 15-20 days to sign for it.

Express delivery in Europe and the United States normally takes 3-5 days to sign for receipt, and Europe and the United States normally take air freight in about 5-7 days to sign for receipt.

China and the United States sign for 7-15 days.

Japan 3-7 days to sign for receipt.

Russia 15-20 days to sign for receipt.

Product Certification Requirements

Even though regulations specifically for electronic cigarettes are still on the drawing board, in both Europe and America, that is not saying that product certification standards don’t apply to the hardware. Electronic cigarettes are subject to certification standards regulating electronic products. These include the following:

European Union

  • RoHS (Assembled product & individual components)
  • CE (Assembled product & individual components)
  • REACH (Mouthpiece & plastic case)
  • TPD(The Tobacco Products Directive)

United States

  • CPSC (Assembled product & individual components)
  • FHSA (Mouthpiece & plastic case)

Notice that chargers and batteries are also required to be compliant with the relevant standard, not only the e-cigarette itself. The Chinese supplier should be able to show previous test reports and product certificates for the product unit, battery, and charger. Also, make sure to verify the authenticity of any test report or certificate provided by a supplier. 

Most sincere advice

If you don’t want to worry about so many things, the best way is to find a reliable manufacturer or trading company, or purchasing agent. You only need to drink tea at home, all these things can be easily solved. You don’t need to worry too much. And you will have more time to spend time with your family or do things you like. Of course, you will easily earn business profits.

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