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Refillable Product use FAQ

The best time to use up after purchase?

When you start injecting the first tank of e-juice, the number of injections used 5-6 times within a week is the best.
This is because the e-liquid has sugar. If it is stored for a long time after use, the sugar in e-liquid will penetrate the mesh with the oxidation of time and air, which will quickly cause carbonization and affect the taste.

What happens when the same device is injected with different e-liquids?

In general, it is recommended to use the same flavor of e-liquid for one product. However, if the customer uses a different e-liquid flavor each time, the first 30-50 puffs will have a mixed flavor with the previous flavor of e-liquid, which is a normal phenomenon.

What is the situation of oil leakage when the product is shaken upside down after oil filling?

Please do not throw the product in the shaken upside down when the oil is filled. It is usual for oil leakage to occur. Also, because the cotton in the visible oil tank is full of adsorbed oil, the oil will overflow with the direction of gravity when it is thrown forcefully.

When to know when the product is fully charged

There are two judgment methods:
1) It can be fully charged with a Type-c charger under normal circumstances for about 1.5 hours.
2) When the power indicator light at the bottom turns off, it means it is fully charged. After being fully charged, the flavor of the e-liquid is more explosive.

Why do some e-liquids change color?

That is because some of the flavors of e-juice used to have a high proportion of sugar. The work of the smoking process will heat the volatilization of the sugar, and the e-juice will gradually change color, but it will not affect the flavor of the e-juice itself.

This is the same principle as when we heat transparent rock sugar in a pot, and the sugar will turn into a dark syrup.

In what state is the e-juice refilled?

Two judgment methods:
1) When the remaining e-liquid in the product oil tank in your hand reaches the oil-absorbing position of the cotton wick (the place in the circle), you can refill the oil.

2) Refill oil when there is about 2mm left.

Why is there a slightly carbonized smell after oil filling? How can it be solved?

First, it is necessary to determine whether the correct method of use is followed before oil injection, and it is not due to the paste core caused by dry burning.
Secondly, this phenomenon occurs because, with the increase in the number of after oil fillings, the function of the heating wire gradually weakens after the consumption of the heating wire. After the new e-liquid is injected, it needs to be fused. At this time, it needs to be left to stand for 8 -10 hours. After that, the carbonation taste will fade or disappear.

Why does the taste of e-juice gradually fade after multiple fillings?

Since the function of the heating wire gradually declines after many times of work, it is normal for the flavor to fade. In this case, it is recommended to use a new device.

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